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Wild is the Wind - Adventures of Jean Paul DeBrosse
Wild is the Wind is an exciting historical novel filled with "Indiana Jones" type adventures of a young Frenchman, Jean Paul DeBrosse. Escape the guillotine with Jean Paul, as he flees for his life from the bloody French Revolution's "Reign of Terror," where 40,000 were killed in Paris. Get recruited as a 'powder monkey' loading cannons on a French "privateer," only to have the ship blown to pieces by British destroyers. Be rescued by the tatooed Indian, Coquelin, onto the pirate ship, Diablo, where Jean Paul's schooling saved his life by allowing him to be navigator. A full-blown pirate, Jean Paul captures a slave ship off Africa's coast and frees them. He's shocked at the debauched pirate haven in Madagascar, then enters India's spice trade, where he discovers a treasure more precious than gold! Fall in love with the stunningly beautiful Angelique Marie, and rescue her from Muslim raiders intending to sell her as a slave in the Middle East! Sail the world in Wild is the Wind. (224 pages, hardback)
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